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Stainless Steel Grating
Products Name: Stainless Steel Grating
Material: Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
Place of Origin: Anping County Shengyang Metal Products Co.,Ltd, Hebei province, China
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Stainless Steel GratingWhen considering grating for food processing applications, shipboard use, or highly corrosive environments, Shengyang Stainless Steel Grating is often the most cost effective product. Commonly manufactured in 300 series alloys, stainless steel gratings are assembled by welding or pressure locking to suit the different needs of each application.

To specify Shengyang Stainless Steel Grating, the type of grating is indicated by designating one of the three profiles shown combined with the bearing bar/cross bar spacing illustrated in the table below. Following selection of the type of grating, consult the Stainless Steel Grating Load Table to select the appropriate bearing bar size for the loads and spans to be served.

As produced, stainless steel products typically display discoloration due to cutting and welding. If appearance is a factor, consideration should be given to secondary cleaning such as abrasive blasting, passivating or electro-polishing.

Economic welded grating with forged bearing bar/cross bar intersection. Available with bearing bars spaced at 1-3/16" and 15/16" on center. Intersections subject to carbon precipitation caused by welding. Hollow tube cross bars are swaged into round holes in bearing bars to permanently lock each intersection. Minimizes distortion from welding or punching top surfaces of the bearing bars. Available in any quantity. Deep rectangular cross bars provide excellent lateral stability. Cross bars are flush with top surface of bearing bars to provide comfortable walking surface. Popular for ornamental and architectural applications.

W-19-4 for Welded Bar Gratings
PS-19-4 for Swaged Pressure Locked Gratings
PD-19-4 for Dovetail Pressure Locked Gratings

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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